Beat Tha Morning

Our Story

Santino Sims, founder of BEAT THA MORNING, came to the realization that he
was meant for something greater than the participating in the so called,
"Rat Race." Upon retiring from the Army in 2019, Santino faced
challenges that tested his mental and physical well-being. During a weight training
session one morning, the concept of BTM suddenly emerged.

In that moment, Santino grasped the idea that regardless of the challenges
life throws at us, we must lace up our boots and persevere. Despite the pain,
lack of motivation, or burdens weighing us down, the key is to keep moving

Years later, Santino decided to elevate BTM to the next level. Driven by the
vision of inspiring people worldwide and from all walks of life. BTM is more
than just a brand; it embodies a way of life. The apparel associated with BTM
is merely a reflection of the broader message intended for the world.
Originating from a vision to be a beacon of light for others, BTM has evolved
into a transformative force. Exciting developments are on the horizon for BTM,
so stay tuned.